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Custom Gastronomic Travel to South West France

Tours to Bordeaux, Toulouse, Carcassonne, Pyrenees Mountains, The Languedoc

The Goose in Toulouse is a custom travel service providing tailored access to the culinary playground that is south west France. We welcome you to one of the least explored, but finest gastronomic regions in France. The south west is home to the great lands of duck and goose; the mediterranean olives, fishes and herbs of the Languedoc; the renown cheeses of the Pyrenees Mountains; and the oysters on the coast of the Atlantic near to perhaps the world's finest wine region, Bordeaux.


This is a journey for the decadent and insightful. Crafted to bring together elements of pure joy, a journey with The Goose In Toulouse pairs the  





stunning landscapes of south west France with mouthfuls of her finest flavors. We recognize the pleasure of the timeless tradition of humans dining in good company.  


So, why travel with us? The Goose in Toulouse provides access into an otherwise inaccessible region. The rural heartland of the south west of France has no pre-paved routes for visitors to follow, and is best experienced when greeted as if you were an old friend. Furthermore, a traveler to the austere region of Bordeaux can often meet only high gates and elegant facades; we open the doors of Chateaux and welcome you inside.

Please use the following pages to daydream.  



The Goose in Toulouse

The Goose in Toulouse